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 This database contains information about the national assessment methods used to classify the ecological status of rivers, lakes, coastal and transitional waters. Member States of the European Union apply these methods in their monitoring programmes according to the EU Water Framework Directive.

 The information in this database was provided by the Member States.
 If you have any questions concerning the information which is presented here contact Wouter van de Bund []
 For technical issues contact Maurizio Latini []
For the methods itself the persons or institutes which have developed the methods are responsible.

An analysis of the database contents is published in:
Birk, S., Bonne, W., Borja, A., Brucet, S., Courrat, A., Poikane, S., Solimini, A., van de Bund, W., Zampoukas, N. & Hering, D., 2012.
Three hundred ways to assess Europe’s surface waters: An almost complete overview of biological methods to implement the Water Framework Directive. Ecological Indicators 18, 31-41.

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