Web Map Service (WMS) Description

The Water Resources Datasets are available as a Web Map Service (WMS) in accordance with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications. The geo-referenced data layers can be displayed in a web browser or Geographic Information System (GIS) and incorporated in your own web application.

Water Resources service requests

The Water Resources WMS supports the GetCapabilities and GetMap operations as defined in the OGC WMS standard (version 1.1.1).


The GetCapabilities request produces the information about the layers contained in the service in the form of a descriptive XML document.
Example of a request addressed to the Water Resources service.


Using the information given in the GetCapabilities request, the GetMap request returns a raster map containing the requested layer selected from all the available layers as defined in the XML document. The elements such as the data layer, region, projection, size of the returned image, image format, etc. are defined in the form of arguments.

Example of a GetMap request addressed to the Water Resources service.
Statistical map viewer


Calculate statistics (average, sum, min and max value) for NUTS0, NUTS1, and River Basin Districts

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Statistical Tool

WFD Methods

This database contains information about the national assessment methods used to classify the ecological status of rivers, lakes, coastal and transitional waters. Member States of the European Union apply these methods in their monitoring programmes according to the EU Water Framework Directive.

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